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Falcons 2020 NFL Draft scouting report: DT Javon Kinlaw, South Carolina

An athletic interior presence with loads of potential.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: OCT 12 South Carolina at Georgia

For five full seasons, Atlanta Falcons defensive tackle Grady Jarrett has been a force on the interior defensive line. For the last couple campaigns of those five seasons, Jarrett was the one constant authority on the inside along with a bevy of running mates. While the Falcons are in obvious need of adding talent and skill to their defensive line, adding another constant alongside Jarrett can prove wonders for the Falcons future, not to mention their pass rush.

Luckily for them, the draft has a few that will likely be within their grasp. Turn your focus to today’s prospect highlight.

Javon Kinlaw Scouting Report

Height: 6’5

Weight: 324 pounds

Career stats: 29 career games, 82 total tackles, 17 tackles for loss, 10 sacks, eight pass deflections, three forced fumbles, four fumble recoveries

Games watched: 2018 vs. Clemson, 2019 vs. Georgia, 2019 vs. Alabama, 2019 vs. Missouri, 2019 vs. Clemson


Kinlaw fits your prototypical, modern-day defensive tackle, as he possesses size, superb athleticism, and uncanny short-area quickness. At the NFL Combine, Kinlaw impressed with his weigh-in numbers and also showed his massive bear-like hands. The physical traits by Kinlaw are definitely elite. When engaged with opposing linemen, Kinlaw knows how to properly use his hands in a violent but controlled manner.

Separating from linemen is a key point in his game thanks to those active hands and elite strength. Speaking of strength, Kinlaw knows when to incorporate it and when he does, it usually generates favorable results. His career showcased his versatility as he saw time at 0-Tech, 3-Tech, and strong-side defensive end.

Kinlaw shows a short area burst when freed from linemen that seems unfair and very intimidating. He started the 2019 season on a tear with five sacks in his first six games, which included against Georgia and Alabama. When tasked to move laterally, Kinlaw shows plenty of agility to maneuver and a motor to attack the play until the play is completely over.


First and foremost, Kinlaw is not the most technical prospect you will see. While his hand speed has definitely improved over his collegiate career, other components in his skill set such as footwork have definite room for improvement.

There are times where you dislike his pad level when attacking opposing linemen. In today’s NFL, that can lead his play balance being average to below average and limit him greatly. Kinlaw does not show proper bend around the edge and does not offer much fluidity in his change of direction aspect.


Kinlaw’s overall power can be down right menacing at times. There is no doubt about that. While he may not be known for his overall speed, he makes up for it with plenty of tenacity and energy to feed off of. Kinlaw’s numbers did not necessarily improve considerably from his junior to senior year, but his impact was still greatly obvious and was accounted for a ton by opposing offenses. Kinlaw also has a compelling story along with his skill set as the D.C. product fought years of homelessness to get to this very point in his life. As a result, his mental toughness is never in question.

Inserting Kinlaw into the Falcons group of defensive linemen will immediately elevate the interior portion of the line at the very least. His bull-like strength and imposing frame complements Jarrett and can prove down the line to mesh quite well. While the interior part of the line is not a massive need for the Falcons, a prospect such as Kinlaw has more than enough to entice the Falcons into making him a critical piece to the Falcons defensive attack.

Kinlaw is a sure-fire first rounder and may be too good to pass up once the Falcons are on the clock, assuming he makes it that far.