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Things to do and see in the UK while traveling to see the Falcons this fall

If you’re headed overseas to catch the game, let UK Falcons fans be your guide to a good time.

NFL: NOV 03 Texans v Jaguars Photo by Martin Leitch/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The Falcons are going to be playing in London this fall, and if coronavirus loosens its virusy grip on the world, some Falcons fans might even travel over to see the game.

With that in mind, Evan and I took to Twitter to ask some of our more far-flung readers what to do in the United Kingdom, with a few recommendations beyond if you’re planning a larger trip through Europe. A big thanks to everyone from across the pond who responded!



“There is loads to do, will keep this as short and too the point as possible! Pubs/Bars: The Grapes, Limehouse - owned by Ian Mckellan who plays Gandalf in LOTR, enough said.

  • Maple Leaf - Awesome sports bar
  • The Porterhouse - Cool pub across four floors
  • The Nags Head - Traditional British ‘boozer’ pub T
  • Ye Old Mitre Tavern (yes it’s real name!) , dates back to 1500s, apparently Elizabeth I drank there.
  • The Churchill Arms, Kensington - Pretty, historic pub
  • Ye Old Watling, St Paul’s - Old (1700s) pub near St Paul’s Wapping - A quaint part of London with lots of pubs/great views of Tower Bridge Activities
  • Come to a football (soccer!) game at Fulham FC - Craven Cottage is London’s oldest and a really cool, unique stadium! I work there. Tell anyone interested to DM me on twitter for ticket info. Our schedule for next season is released in June.
  • The Shard - London’s tallest building, going up it is way better than the London eye. There is also a bar at the top.
  • Sky Garden - Free, but you need to book, experience at the top of one of London’s tall buildings with a great bar/restaurant.
  • Imperial War Museum - It’s free and really impressive with exhibits across 5 floors.
  • St Paul’s Cathedral - more impressive in my opinion than Westminster Abbey.
  • London Dungeons - A fun experience of the history of London.
  • Greenwich - A really cool part of London, with the maritime museum and park with cool views of the city. Location of Greenwich meridian.
  • Camden market - Awesome market by the canal in north London. Let me know if any questions.

Anyone is free to contact me directly!


With regards to your request for advice ahead of this Autumns game at Tottenham. As a UK based although not London based Falcons fan I would advise not staying close to the ground. It’s not in the nicest neighbourhood. Central London may be better for sightseeing although more expensive. Transport links are great from either central London or out of town so no worries there. Loads of history in and around London but for sports fans likely to be loads of soccer on around London on the Saturday.

Don’t get fixated with the Premier League where ticket availability and pricing could be off putting. Lots of Championship clubs in London with good atmospheres. Worth checking nearer the time.


Big UK falcons fan here. Maple Leaf in Covent Garden is the best spot for watching games IMO.

Shoreditch, Fulham, Soho are the best areas to hang out in.


If any fans travelling over from your side are staying in the UK for longer than the weekend, it might be worth telling them to head up toward Manchester. If they look at the Northern Quarter (google it), there are a load of Independent bars and restaurants they might enjoy. They’ll be fine for accommodation, Manchester is full of hotels both cheap and expensive.


Depending on you budget, I would suggest central London AirBNB. It’s easy to get places from central. If you want to stay in the hipper area of town, Shoreditch/East London. However most the good food and stuff to do in in central.

If you’re a UK fan with recommendations that aren’t captured here, please add them in the comments or contact Evan Birchfield or Dave Choate directly to have your thoughts added to this article!