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Mina Kimes joined SB Nation on Radio Row to talk NFL, good Matt Ryan opinions

You can listen to the episode right here if you missed it.

Atlanta Falcons v Tampa Bay Buccaneers Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Matt Ryan is a great NFL quarterback, but you wouldn’t know it from fans on the internet. Ryan’s been called trash, overrated, and everything in between.

But you’ll never find ESPN’s Mina Kimes spouting any such garbage about Matt Ryan, because she has a brain.

“You know I love Matt Ryan. Who in the national media has defended Matt Ryan more than me?” Kimes asked RJ Ochoa of Blogging the Boys and me on Radio Row last week.

The answer is nobody.

Kimes declared herself part of the “Matt Ryan Hive” in July 2019 on an episode of Bleacher Report’s ‘The Lefkoe Show’. She also called him “the most underrated quarterback in the NFL right now” in the same episode.

Even after a disappointing 2019 Falcons season, Kimes hasn’t changed her perspective.

“You know the “Leave Britney alone” video? One of these days I’m going to make that for Matt Ryan. Someone is going to push me over the edge.”

For reference:

Ryan is 34 years old, and who knows how many seasons of prime play he has left in him. Between the Falcons not finding the right combination of offensive linemen to keep him upright and the team’s recent lack of any kind of running game, the team hasn’t done him any favors. Kimes is concerned that the window is closing for Ryan.

“My fear now is that as he enters the downward curve, you know, it’ll be too late I suppose,” she said.

Here’s hoping that Ryan continues the high level of play we’ve all become accustomed to in 2020, and that the team gives him the talent around him to succeed this year and beyond. You can listen to our full discussion with Mina Kimes on Radio Row below.