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Falcons trivia: Which 3 teams have losing records against Atlanta but have outscored them?

A quirky question today.

David John Griffin/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The Falcons don’t have .500 or better records against many teams, I’m sad to say. Among those that they do have a .500 or better record against, however, they have outscored all but three of those teams.

Let’s back up and first acknowledge that this team only has a winning or even record against nine teams, which helps reinforce just how much better the last decade-plus has been than the ones that came before it. Their records overall run the gamut from their weirdly stellar record against the Chargers (8-2) to their almost unspeakably pitiful record against the Colts (2-15, or just above a .100 winning percentage). We’re talking about two teams in particular, here, though.

One of these teams is pretty familiar to the Falcons. Confoundingly, Atlanta’s got a winning record against them all-time, but they’ve been outscored by 25 points. The second is a team they also have a winning record against, but are 20 points down in the all-time series. The other is a team they’re .500 against, and against that team they’ve been outscored by 33 points.

Who are those two teams? Here’s a rare hint: They once (and only once) played one another in the Super Bowl.