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2020 Combine recap: QB, WR and TE testing and Field Drills

Recapping all of the Thursday night action from the Combine.

NFL Combine - Day 3 Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

On the first day of the Combine field workouts, we got to see the tight end, wide receiver, and quarterback groups. Some of the big names like Tua and Burrow were missing from the QB group, as well as Thaddeus Moss from the TE group.

Still, there were plenty of participants, and this is when we get to see the athleticism, fundamentals and how each combine prospect responds to direction and coaching from the position coaches. Here are a few that stood out to me from the position groups.


Jalen Hurts

4.59 40 meter dash/35 inch vertical jump/125 inch broad jump

This kid is an athlete. He ran a 4.59 40 yard dash, and he’s an athlete through and through. The question is, will a team see him as something other than a QB and try that experiment? I hope Hurts stands his ground and stays as a quarterback, because he’s a threat at the position with his athleticism and could be an asset for many teams.

Jake Fromm

5.01 40 meter dash/30 inch vertical jump/111 inch broad jump

Jake doesn’t have a big arm. We all know that, especially you UGA fans. However, his footwork, ability to process and go through progressions on the field and anticipation all translate to the NFL. Whatever team gets him will get a reliable backup and possibly a future starter. Could it be the Falcons?

Wide Receiver

Henry Ruggs III

4.28 (unofficial) 40 yard dash/42 inch vertical jump/131 inch broad jump

There are almost no words for this kid. He’s fast, he’s fluid, an effortless route runner and is explosive. There are those that say he’s a better route runner than Calvin Ridley.

Here’s what I’d say: They’re just as technical and great at separation, no matter what route they run on the route tree. Ruggs is just more explosive. When a WR runs as fast as Ruggs, is able to run the routes he does and be effortless in his transitions speaks of the tremendous body control he has. Like Ridley initially, Ruggs struggles with press in regards to his releases, but I’m confident he’ll get better with that.

Chase Claypool

4.42 40 yard dash/40 inch vertical jump/126 inch broad jump

Size? Check. Athleticism? Check. Speed? Double check. A 6’4”, 238 pound WR that runs a sub 4.5 40 will get a second look from every team. There’s an old saying that remains true: You can’t coach size and speed.

I love his physicality as well. He’s also not afraid to get his hands dirty and block. However, with any receiver that size, you wonder if they can properly sink their hips and get in and out of breaks with little wasted motion. I also am a bit concerned with his balance and run after the catch. Again, teams will be intrigued by his size and speed, but they’ll need to weigh that against his weaknesses.

Tight End

Adam Trautman

4.80 40 yard dash/34.5 inch vertical jump/114 inch broad jump

The Falcons have reportedly met with Trautman. I love Trautman’s size and ability to high point catches. He has decent speed for the position, looks to be a willing blocker and has good hands.

However, based on the film I saw, he was limited in regards to running routes on the route tree. Plus, considering the competition level, I’m not seeing how he’ll make an immediate impact, and the Falcons need an immediate impact with Austin Hooper likely leaving.

Albert Okwuegbunam

4.49 40 yard dash

Whoa! This guy has blazing speed! Clearly an explosive athlete at what, 255 pounds??? I haven’t seen much film on him but you better believe I’ll do exactly that to see if what I saw at the combine matches what I see on film. I do think a team will reach a little on him due to his athleticism and explosiveness, as there’s always a team that falls in love with the stellar workouts.

Hunter Bryant

4.74 40 yard dash/32.5 inch vertical jump/115 inch broad jump

Great ball skills and has great hands. On film, Bryant has good play speed which was why I was a little surprised by his 40 time. However, any team will still be getting a good football player. He’s also good up the seam and is a clear mismatch for linebackers. I do have concerns about him beating press coverage and he has to work on his blocking to be a well rounded TE. He also is a little slow out of his breaks on routes.