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NFL Combine open thread: QB, WR, and TE on-field workouts

The first group of players will hit the field at 4 p.m. ET.

NFL Combine - Day 2

The 2020 NFL Combine kicked off earlier this week in Indianapolis. Thursday marks the first day of on-field workouts.

The quarterbacks, tight ends, and wide receivers in Indianapolis have already been through the gamut of medical evaluations, measurements, team interviews, and media availabilities. Now they’ll run 40s, broad jump, and more so teams can get a sense of their athleticism and potential.

Tight end is a particular area of interest considering that Austin Hooper is extremely likely to land elsewhere. I wouldn’t place wide receiver among the Falcons’ biggest needs, but there’s no question they’ll be watching that group closely. nOur own Kevin Knight has detailed previews on the wideouts and the tight ends for your reference. He skipped the quarterbacks, and as the Falcons are unlikely to take one in the 2020 draft, that makes sense.

Weigh in with your thoughts on the prospects, their performances, and how they might fit with the Falcons in the comments.