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Dan Quinn talks new Falcons uniforms

We’re still trying to decipher what the Falcons’ new look will be.

Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images

As many of you know, the Atlanta Falcons are getting new uniforms, which are slated to be revealed in April. Recently, Matt Tabeek of spoke with head coach Dan Quinn and asked him some questions pertaining to the uniform change.

Outside of the fans, the uniforms probably mean the most to Falcons players. The new look will likely be the uniform set for the next decade or so, and in theory you’d want your players to love what they’re wearing.

“Well, I think they put a lot into the way they look, number one,” Dan Quinn said. “When you have – think about all of us being on team sports and you have your uniform. Like man, that feels right. But for this particular look, yeah I’ve been fighting for this… for a few years too. So, I couldn’t be more thrilled to see some of this look come together.”

Dan Quinn has been the Falcons’ head coach since he was hired in 2015. Since then, the only alternate uniforms the Falcons’ have dawned was the Color Rush set in 2017 and the more recent throwback uniforms. Quinn has apparently been working behind the scenes to get the Falcons a new look.

“So, I am in full support of this move and where we’re at,” Dan Quinn said. “Not only will the players be happy, but I think the fans. I know the head coach certainly is. I think it looks really cool.”

Although we didn’t get any specifics from Quinn, he apparently likes them a lot. Now, he could be just saying that because surely the head coach isn’t going to complain, but all we can do is look at statements made about other uniforms in the past. In 2017, Quinn revealed his thoughts on the Color Rush uniforms.

“I saw them for the first time a few days ago,” Quinn told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “It’s different when you see pictures and then up close. The fellas are excited about it and on the league end, they look sharp.”

One individual who may have a lot of pull on what the uniforms look like is team President Rich McKay. In recent years, McKay has been one of the few members of Falcons’ management to share his opinion on what his favorite uniforms are.

“I love the old ‘66 ones we wore with the red helmet,” McKay told ESPN in 2016. “I thought that was a really cool look. But I think any time you wear a throwback, it just brings back ... you’ve got a lot of your fan base that you know, those were their teams. We want to honor those teams. One way to do it is to wear their uniforms. I like it. I like the concept.”

We still have some time before the Falcons’ reveal their new look, and unless there’s some kind of leak, the speculation is sure to only continue. I think there’s a real chance that the team goes with a red helmet. Fans have been asking for it for years, and as noted above, at least one prominent member of the organization loves them.