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Falcons trivia: Who owns the single game record for receptions?

It’s not the man pictured, though he’s come close.

Atlanta Falcons v Tampa Bay Buccaneers Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Twice in his career, Julio Jones has reeled in 13 receptions on a single day. The first time was back in 2015 against the Giants, when he had 13 for 135 yards, and the second was just this past season against the 49ers, when he went for 13, 134 yards, and two touchdowns. Those are undoubtedly two of the most impressive games in franchise history for a receiving option.

Yet they are not franchise records, nor does either of those games even put Julio within one reception of the franchise single game mark. The answer in today’s trivia question got 15 in a single game, which leaves in a tie for 15th in NFL history for the most catches on one day. The player in question, as you’d expect, was quite a good one, known for his receiving prowess.

Who holds the record, and for bonus points, when did he get it?