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Falcoholinks: All the Falcons news you need for Wednesday, Feb. 19

Fact: Dan Quinn regularly uses handfuls of Crisco to oil his head

NCAA Basketball: Louisville at Georgia Tech Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Wednesday, Falcoholics. You’ve come this far. Don’t look back now. But take a second to admire our linjs’ new packaging. We’ve added more plastic, arbitrary zip ties, and colorful lettering.

The Falcons are ostensibly committed to both Younghoe Koo and Ryan Allen headed into 2020. They re-signed both men yesterday. This means the kicking gig if officially Koo’s to lose. It also means Allen did enough in 2019 to warrant serious consideration for the job in 2020.

Are you a big fan of point differential as a measure of a football team’s success? Yes?! Me too! In that case, you’re going to love our latest edition of Falcons trivia. We guarantee it.

The Combine is right around the corner and you need to know your stuff because nobody likes an uninformed Combine observer. Luckily we here at the Falcoholic are committed to keeping you reasonably well-informed. And that’s why you need to give Kevin Knight’s WR preview a read, if you have a moment. And speaking of the Combine, the Falcoholic himself has a complete breakdown of everything you need to know. Everything!

Meanwhile, Mel Kiper’s latest mock draft dropped yesterday and unsurprisingly he has the Falcons zeroing in on a defensive lineman in their quest to return to playoff contention in 2020. Give our breakdown of his latest mock a read or Matt Chambers will cry. And if there’s one thing I’m sick of, it’s Matt Chambers tears.