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Ready for the 2020 NFL Scouting Combine? Here’s what you need to know

We’re days away from the biggest pre-draft event the NFL has to offer up.

NFL: FEB 27 Scouting Combine Photo by Robin Alam/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The Combine is back! The largest (if not always the most consequential) pre-draft event kicks off next Monday, featuring days of gawking at prospects, workouts, and undoubtedly some intrigue related to dumb questions teams manage to ask every year.

For the Falcons, it’s an opportunity to speak to and further evaluate prospects they probably already have on their mind. A year ago, everyone but Marcus Green was at the Combine for the Falcons to take a look at, and unfortunately Green did not end up making the team out of the summer. Atlanta won’t necessarily nail down draft plans based on what they see next week, but it’ll help them settle on what’s ahead.

Here’s the schedule for what’s to come. Look for Kevin Knight to give you positional previews in the coming days.

  • Sunday, February 23: TE, QB, WR arrivals, measurements and interviews
  • Monday, February 24: K, ST, OL, RB arrivals and interviews
  • Tuesday, February 25: TE, QB, WR exams; K, ST, OL, RB measurements; DL, LB arrivals and interviews
  • Wednesday, February 26: TE, QB, WR bench press; K, ST, OL, RB exams; DL, LB measurements; CB, S arrivals and interviews
  • Thursday, February 27: TE, QB, WR workouts; K, ST, OL, RB bench press; DL, LB exams; CB, S measurements
  • Friday, February 28: K, ST, OL, RB workouts; DL, LB bench press; CB, S exams
  • Saturday, February 29: DL, LB workouts; CB, S bench press
  • Sunday, March 1: CB, S workouts