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Falcons-themed open thread, Sunday 2/16 edition

Who was the college player who never turned out to be as good as you thought he’d be?

Steve Broussard

Welcome to Sunday afternoon! Borrowing a prompt from Twitter this week because it’s a good one.

Who was the college player, Falcon, non-Falcon, or both, who fit this criteria for you?

My answer has always been Steve Broussard, the former Washington State running back who joined the Falcons just as I was becoming a fan. I remember being continually baffled as to why he was not being utilized more as a kid, and he ended up spending four largely unimpressive seasons in Atlanta before putting together a few more solid but unspectacular years in Denver and Seattle. He never really got the shot his college career suggested he should, as he was amazing his final two seasons at Washington State.

Let’s get your pick.