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Falcons trivia: Who has the worst catch rate in team history?

The man in question had few opportunities and couldn’t make much of them.

Atlanta Falcons Wide Receiver Quentin Mccord Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

Earlier this month, we asked who had the best catch rate in franchise history for a single season, and the answer was the great Jacquizz Rodgers. For a career, Eric Weems tops the list, and for guys with over 100 receptions, it’s Jason Snelling.

This week, we’re going to flip the script and ask you who had the worst rate. The answer for a single season and a career is the same, in this particular instance.

As we know, catch rate isn’t everything. A player who catches 60% of his passes but routinely makes grabs 20 yards downfield is likely a more compelling threat to defenses than one that catches 80% of his passes seven yards out, to randomly grab an example of a player who may or may not exist in real life.

The player in question wasn’t all that far from the line of scrimmage, unfortunately, and got a limited number of opportunities to make grabs for the Falcons offense because he was busy blocking. Even with those two caveats, he has easily the worst catch rate in team history.

Who is he? One hint to narrow things down ever so slightly: He’s played for this team in the last 20 years.

If you’re feeling frisky enough to answer two questions, you can also chime in on who has the worst catch rate with over 100 receptions. It’s a name virtually synonymous with failure at the wide receiver position.