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Falcons trivia: Who is the franchise leader in assisted tackles?

It’s an obscure, pretty meaningless stat, but let’s see how well you know your Falcons history.

NFC Championship - San Francisco 49ers v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Good trivia comes in many forms, but some of my favorite questions are the ones that are obscure, meaningless, and weird enough that you any knowledge you gain from correctly answering them is something you can probably never use again but remains lodged in your brain. That might be a personal problem.

Regardless, we have one of those today. In this particular stat, the Falcons all-time leader is miles ahead of the next closest player, but the stat itself doesn’t necessarily paint the picture of an elite guy. The stat in question is assisted tackles, defined as a tackle a player assists on either by coming to the aid of the tackling player later or arriving at the same time, and it’s exactly as loosey-goosey and unimportant as it sounds.

The player in question leads by nearly 80 assisted tackles, had a bit of a reputation as being a pile jumper in his career, and is one of the more polarizing defenders in team history, with many considering him an all-time franchise great and others considering him supremely overrated. He has this mark, however, and is third in tackles, 10th in forced fumbles, and 17th in interceptions all-time for the franchise.

Who is it?