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Ravens vs. Cowboys Tuesday Night Football open thread

Been waiting all Tuesday on Tuesday night.

Cowboys DE David Irving officially suspended 4 games by NFL Steve Nurenberg/Fort Worth Star-Telegram/Tribune News Service via Getty Images

This year, we’re getting Tuesday and Wednesday football, thanks to COVID-19-related scheduling shenanigans. I will never get used to it, but hey, it’s something to watch.

This week pits a frustrating but talented Ravens team against a just plain old frustrating Cowboys team. Baltimore is capable of beating any team in the NFL on their best day, but with COVID rearing its head, injury striking, and the offense generally looking lackluster compared to its heights last year, they’re not the same team they have been in the recent past.

That said, the Cowboys are not much of a challenge as a 3-8 team without their franchise quarterback and with Mike McCarthy muddling his way through his first season in Dallas. Dallas is technically not dead in the NFC East yet—what a weird, weird year—but I’d be shocked if they push their way by the Ravens today. We’ll just have to see.

Use this as your open thread if you’re watching.