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Falcons vs. Chiefs final score predictions


Kansas City Chiefs v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

The Atlanta Falcons are on the road to the face the Kansas City Chiefs today, and as we’ve made clear this week, we’re not expecting Atlanta to fare well in this one.

For more specifics—and as a jumping off point for your predictions—a handful of us slogged through our doomsaying predictions for the game ahead. Buckle up.

Chiefs 38 - Falcons 27

If you can see the Falcons having the game all tied up at 17-17 at the half, raising incredulous eyebrows everywhere, you’re not alone. If you can then see them getting smoked by something like 21-10 in the second half by a Chiefs team that is simply better at just about everything, you are also not alone. The Falcons will be competitive for a while, but I imagine this will be just their fourth dougle digit loss of the season. - Dave Choate

Chiefs 42 - Falcons 20

Earlier in the season, best case scenario for this matchup was that the Chiefs would have postseason components sewn up which would allow them to exercise the possibility of resting their starters. However, the Chiefs need one more win for home field advantage which leaves the Falcons as prey. The absence of Julio Jones makes an already difficult matchup even more challenging. The essence of another second half collapse last week against the Buccaneers will linger into this one. - Eric Robinson

Chiefs Oh No! - Falcons WHY?

Sunday’s game will really test how disconnected the Falcons have made us from their success, or lack thereof. The Falcons are a scrappy defense, an elite kicker, semi-competent coaching (on average), and a quarterback who can deal when kept reasonably clean. That’s not enough when playing against the league’s best team. Sunday won’t feel good. - Matt Chambers