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Watch Saturday games for Week 16

The Buccaneers are trying to ensure a decent playoff seeding, and the 49ers and Cardinals play a game with playoff importance as well.

NFL: DEC 15 Buccaneers at Lions Photo by Scott W. Grau/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The end of the NFL season features the occasional Saturday NFL game, something that I enjoy quite a bit for all my grousing about the league trying to take over every day of the entire year. Today is no exception, and it happens to features a couple of NFC games with playoff implications.

The first is Buccaneers vs. Lions, happening now. The Bucs can slide ahead of the Rams for the 5th seed with a win over the Lions if the Rams also lose to the Seahawks, a genuine possibility. That and a win over the Falcons will lock up the 5th seed for Tampa Bay, and it’s hard to imagine they’re going to lose either of those games unless they elect to sit starters. Unfortunately for Atlanta, they’re going to have to watch two annoying NFC South rivals in the postseason.

The second game pits the 49ers against the Cardinals in a game that also carries playoff implications. Barring a massive collapse in the final two games, Arizona has at least the 7th seed already locked up, but there is an opportunity for them to slide by the Rams and Buccaneers if those two teams royally screw up. It’s much more likely they could push past the Rams for the 6th seed than anything else, and a win over the 49ers would at least keep that dream alive.

Finally. the Saturday night game is Dolphins against Raiders. I like seeing non-Patriots AFC East teams in the playoffs, and a win here would keep the Dolphins ahead of the Ravens for the 7th seed and kill the Raiders’ postseason dreams once and for all.

Enjoy these games and use this as your open thread!