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The Falcoholic staff picks: Week 16

The Falcoholic staff makes their game predictions for Week 16.

Hey Falcoholics! Week 16 is upon us and the Atlanta Falcons are 4-10 overall, and 4-5 under interim head coach Raheem Morris. It’s the holiday season, and what’s more magical than watching the defending Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs hosting our beloved, not-so-good Falcons squad?

The Falcoholic staff have made their picks via Tallysight, where all of our picks and predictions will be shared throughout the season. It’s a great platform for not only making predictions, but also seeing how you stack up against professional sports writers and analysts.

Here are the Week 16 staff picks:

There’s a game on Dec. 25, Christmas day this year as the Minnesota Vikings travel south to face the New Orleans Saints. This matchup is usually thrilling, so you’ll want to tune in for that. I can’t speak for the rest of the staff, but I’m pretty sure most of us think the Falcons will lose against the Chiefs. The Chiefs still have plenty to play for and the Falcons are giving up way too many points.

We’ll see what happens on Sunday though, but until then, we here at The Falcoholic appreciate all of you and hope that you have a wonderful holiday, however you choose to spend it.