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How will the final 3 games go for the Atlanta Falcons?

Unless you’re unreasonably hopeful, there’s very little to look forward to between now and the end of the season.

NFL: Atlanta Falcons at Los Angeles Chargers Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

The Falcons are finished. They were finished at 0-5 and finished again at 4-8, but the official end of their impossible playoff dream and the fact that they looked this anemic against the weakest team left on the schedule made it clear just how thoroughly things are over. Players and coaches will prepare for one game at a time as they always do, given that it’s their only way forward, but aside from the conclusion of the season and perhaps a couple of big plays along the way, there truly is nothing left to look forward to for Falcons fans who are getting awfully tired of losing.

What can we expect for the final three games, in light of that? “Nothing good” is a valid answer, albeit not a very specific one.

A few of our writers weighed in on this very depressing question, and we’ll look for your takes in the comments.

So. Much. Pain.

Let’s be honest, unless you’re someone who loves watching the Falcons lose, the next three games are going to test your will like no other. Patrick Mahomes may drop a 50 burger on this team and Tom Brady will make us relive our worst nightmares ... twice. This is a Falcons team that is rocketing towards a 4-12 finish and while the draft pick will be nice, the road to get there will be a living hell. Gird thy loins. - David Walker

A brutal finish to a brutal year

You saw my last gasp of optimism for this team in predicting they’d come out on the winning end of a close game against the Chargers, and despite allowing just 20 points on the day, they couldn’t even do that. They might steal a game against the Buccaneers because Tom Brady is on borrowed time, but even with an improved defense this team is simply dead in the water and won’t even climb its way back to a third, dispiriting 7-9 finish. I hate that there’s nothing of note to hang on for over the final three games, but the Los Angeles loss has made it clear to me again that even my tempered expectations for the season were far too lofty. - Dave Choate

I wish we could give the Falcons the “Old Yeller” treatment

The next three games are happening for one reason and one reason only: Everyone is contractually obligated. The fans don’t want it and the players don’t want it. Yet, we’re all going to be tuning in or watching come Sundays at 1. There is almost zero joy left ahead of the remaining games with our best hope is one of these three remaining games not resulting in some sort of major embarrassment. The faster we can get through this and onto the offseason the better. - Matt Chambers