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Week 14 early games thread while you wait for Falcons kickoff

If you want to keep tabs on other games while you await 4:25 p.m., look to Buccaneers - Vikings.

NFL: SEP 24 Buccaneers at Vikings Photo by David Berding/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

If you haven’t figured out better things to do before the Falcons play—last minute holiday shopping, maybe, or going outside and staring directly into the sun—there are some football games on this early afternoon. A couple of them might even be good!

Our recommended games, if you can get them, would be Vikings-Buccaneers, Panthers-Broncos, and Chiefs-Dolphins. The first could be a legitimately good game and is an opportunity to brush up on the Bucs, a team the Falcons have to play very soon, while the second is an opportunity for the Panthers to muscle past the Falcons in the NFC South, assuming this late afternoon goes poorly for our favorite team. The third is just a potentially great game, given that the Dolphins have a lethal defense and the Chiefs have perhaps the league’s most intimidating offense.

Regardless of which one you choose—or if you choose to flip through all three—use this as your open thread for the early games and we’ll hit Falcons - Chargers soon enough.