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Falcons fan confidence hovering just above the ground

We’re not at 0%, but it’s a small number of a fans who are holding the faith at the moment.

NFL: DEC 06 Saints at Falcons Photo by David John Griffin/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The first time the Falcons lost to the Saints, our weekly Falcoholic Reacts fan confidence poll hit 0%, which meant absolutely no one was willing to say they had any faith in this team’s direction. Now that the Falcons have been cleanly swept by the Saints in 2020, Atlanta fans are once again feeling dour, though not quite as thoroughly so.

This week, 13% of Falcons fans we surveyed said they felt confident in the direction of the team. This may be because Atlanta was a handful of drops and a boneheaded 3rd and 2 run away from possibly beating New Orleans, or it might be because there’s a small contingent of Falcons fans who have done such a good job of looking ahead to the offseason that they feel some legitimate confidence. Either way, it’s down from the 33% we saw post-Raiders game, as you’d expect.

Falcon fan confidence Week 14

As I’ve said in recent weeks, the in-season surveys are a roller coaster because most of us react emotionally to wins and losses, and there’s so much change on the wind in the offseason that figuring out how confident any of us should be going forward is tricky. I look forward to being able to provide results post-GM and head coach hirings and especially post-free agency and draft, when optimism will probably be skyrocketing.

Until then, we’re on the coaster, with a loss to the Chargers probably getting this thing back down to 0% and a win...moving the needle a little? I guess we’ll find out.