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Watch Seahawks - Eagles for the laughs and Jalen Hurts

The Eagles may effectively have a new starting quarterback.

Philadelphia Eagles v New York Giants Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

On paper, Seahawks versus Eagles is a pretty lopsided Monday night game. The Eagles are a putrid football team this year that may well get Doug Pederson fired, while the Seahawks are a playoff team enduring some struggles right now. Seattle should beat the crap out of Philadelphia.

They likely will, but there’s some added intrigue regardless because the Eagles are giving Jalen Hurts his big shot in this game. It remains to be seen whether we’ll get Jalen Hurts, rookie starting quarterback or just some plays designed specifically for him, but it’s a big move after Carson Wentz has absolutely stunk up the joint throughout 2020 for the Eagles. I’m intrigued enough to watch because I like Hurts—I identified him as a potential Falcons draft target, if they really wanted to swing for the fences and get Matt Ryan replacement in this past class—and because it at least gives the Eagles some fresh hope where none existed before.

If none of that ends up mattering, the Seahawks are still fun to watch because of their lackluster defense and terrific offense. Enjoy the game here and use this as your open thread.