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Falcons notch 6th-largest margin of victory ever against Raiders

It was a historic blowout for the Falcons.

Las Vegas Raiders v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

While I was one of the relatively few Falcons fans predicting a win over the Raiders, I never in my wildest dreams expected that they’d absolutely blow the doors off of Jon Gruden’s squad. That’s exactly what they did, though, turning a 6 point first quarter lead into a 13 point second quarter lead into a 24 point third quarter lead into a 37 point fourth quarter lead. It was one of those rare games where Atlanta poured it on and kept it coming.

It’s also one of the biggest margins of victory in team history. Per Falcons in-house reporter Kelsey Conway, this is the 6th-largest point differential in a Falcons win ever, bumping out a Chris Miller-led 1991 43-7 win over the Buccaneers out by a single point.

Like most blowout wins in team history, this one came out of nowhere. The Falcons were fresh off a truly humiliating loss to the Saints and Taysom Hill, who absolutely stunk as a passer against the Broncos this week, while the Raiders had strung together a series of strong performances. The resilience and ferocity of the Atlanta defense in particular was remarkable and keyed the victory, while the Falcons offense was just good enough to keep piling on. I’ll take a day this enjoyable every week out.