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Watch the Buccaneers and Rams face off in Week 11’s compelling Monday Night Football showdown

It’s a good football game...on paper.

NFL: SEP 29 Buccaneers at Rams

The hated Saints are probably going to run away with the NFC South at this point, which is bad. The less hated but still disliked Buccaneers are the only real competition at this point for the division crown, and having lost twice to New Orleans already, they have their work cut out for them the rest of the way.

Things don’t get any easier tonight against the Rams. Both of these teams have three losses and both of them have had some ugly games, but the Bucs have mostly won via their high-flying offense and lost when that offense is not so high-flying. The Rams have a decent offense that is occasionally great, but they’re more likely to win via their defense thus far in 2020.

It should be a good matchup between these two teams, but it could get ugly fast if the Rams put the clamps on the Bucs passing attack, because that’s what the Saints did a couple of weeks ago en route to a blowout win. There’s no way it’ll be that lopsided because I don’t believe in Sean McVay’s offense that much this year, but there’s a pretty decent chance that the Bucs walk out of this one even further behind in the divisional race.

Either way, watch the game and use this as your open thread, if you would.