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Falcons 9, Saints 24: Atlanta turns in a terrible performance against their rival

Atlanta makes Taysom Hill look like a Pro-Bowler.

Atlanta Falcons v New Orleans Saints Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images

Pittsburgh vs. Baltimore. Dallas vs. Washington. Chicago vs. Green Bay. All great rivalries with storied histories, but in recent years the Falcons rivalry with the Saints has produced some incredibly tight and hard fought games. Yet, the build up to this game felt off with Drew Brees sidelined and Marshon Lattimore already ruled out. Did Atlanta take advantage of the injuries in New Orleans? Read on to find out.

First quarter

After the Saints won the toss and deferred, the Falcons offense starts from their 25 with a pass from Matt Ryan to Todd Gurley for 4. Ryan then hits Calvin Ridley deep down the middle for the big gain and the first. OIamide Zaccheus picks up the first on the outside and Gurley rushes for 2 to setup 2nd and 8. Keith Smith takes the pass for 4 and on 3rd and 4, Ryan can’t find Hayden Hurst in the end zone. Younghoe Koo comes on and punches in the 28 yarder.

Falcons 3, Saints 0

From their 24, the Taysom Hill led Saints start with an 8 yard pass to Michael Thomas. Latavius Murray is stopped a yard short and on 3rd and 1, Grady Jarrrett blows up the line and Allen Bailey claims the sack on Hill. Saints punt.

From their 27 after a false start sets up 1st and 15, Brandon Powell takes the pitch for 3. After a screen to Russell Gage goes nowhere, on 3rd and 11 Ryan is sacked by Cameron Jordan to force the punt.

Alvin Kamara runs for 6 and Deonte Harris picks up 24 on the end around for the first. After Hill runs for 4 and Kamara runs for 4, on 3rd and 2 Darqueze Dennard is flagged for pass interference. The pass to Adam Trautman picks up 19 and Kamara can’t gain a yard on 1st and goal. After Mykal Walker nearly picks off Hill, on 3rd and goal Michael Thomas is stopped for a 1 yard loss by Dennard. Wil Lutz comes on and nails the 22 yard field goal.

Falcons 3, Saints 3

Starting from their 25, Ryan is stopped for no gain on the scramble and Ryan finds Julio Jones for 17 and the first. Gurley runs for 6 and again for 6 and the first. Brian Hill runs for 4 as the quarter closes out.

Falcons 3, Saints 3

Second quarter

After a throw away on 2nd and 6, Ryan dumps it off to Keith Smith but the Saints are flagged for defensive holding. Ryan throws incomplete after pressure and Gurley runs for 3. On 3rd and 7, Ryan and Hurst aren’t on the same page and the pass falls incomplete. Koo comes on and nails the 51 yarder.

Falcons 6, Saints 3

Taysom Hill starts the drive with a deep pass to Michael Thomas for the big gain and the first. Hill completes again for 9 yards to Thomas. Kamara runs for 5 and defensive holding tacks on 5 more. A wide open pass to Thomas slips through his hands and Charles Harris gets the sack on a scrambling Hill. On 3rd and 13, the screen to Kamara is incomplete. Wil Lutz comes on and misses the 53 yarder.

Falcons 6, Saints 3

Brian Hill starts with a run for 5 from the Atlanta 43. After a false start Ryan connects with Ridley for 7 and on 3rd and 4, Ryan is sacked by Trey Hendrickson. Atlanta has to punt.

Murray runs for 2 and Hill throws a bounce pass. On 3rd and 8, Harris is stopped on the short pass by A.J. Terrell. Saints punt.

From their 30, Brian Hill picks up 3 on the toss. Gurley takes the draw for 2 and on 3rd and 5 Ryan completes the pass to Russell Gage for the 1st. Ryan connects with Gage again for 12 and another 1st. Gurley runs for 3 and Ryan can’t connect with Christian Blake setting up 3rd and 7. On the money down, Ryan can’t get the pass out. Koo comes on and nails the 52 yarder.

Falcons 9, Saints 3

Hill starts their drive with a pass to Thomas for 12. Kamara then runs for 7 and after Hill goes deep and connects with Emmanuel Sanders, Darqueze Dennard punches it out and forces the fumble, which Keanu Neal recovers. The play is overruled on replay and the Saints keep the ball. Kamara runs for 1, and Hill runs for 3. After the 2 minute warning on 3rd and 6 Hill connects with Jared Cook for the 1st. On 1st and goal Kamara runs it in for the touchdown.

Falcons 9, Saints 10

With 1:46 on the clock and starting from their 25, Ryan connects with Ridley for 7. Ridley picks up another 12 and the first and Ryan throws incomplete but defensive holding gives Atlanta the first. Ryan can’t connect with Ridley deep right and the pass to Hill picks up 6 along with another defensive hold. Gage picks up 8 on the pass and Ryan is nearly intercepted. On 3rd and 2 Ryan is sacked yet again. On 4th and 10 Ryan throws the hail mary and is intercepted by Marcus Williams.

Falcons 9, Saints 10

Third quarter

The Saints offense starts from their 25 with a run by Kamara for almost no gain. Atlanta jumps and sets up 2nd and 4 and Hill connects with Thomas for 18 and the first. That connection works again for 9 and Kamara runs for the first. Murray takes the pass for 25 and runs it up the middle for 12. Hill runs for 3 and his pass is batted down to setup 3rd and goal. Hill connects with Thomas who is tackled 2 yards short. On 4th and goal the Saints go for it and Hill runs it in for the touchdown.

Falcons 9, Saints 17

Atlanta’s offense starts with another sack of Matt Ryan. Yay. The quick pass to Gage gains 5. On 3rd and 13 Ryan is sacked again. Atlanta punts.

Taysom Hill starts with a deep bomb to Emmanuel Sanders but offensive holding brings it back. Murray runs up the middle for 7 and Hill connects with Thomas for 15 and the first. Kamara runs for 1 and Deion Jones explodes up the middle for a big sack. On 3rd and 21, Sanders only gains a few on the quick screen and New Orleans punts.

The Dirk Koetter troupe comes out with a Gurley run for 3 and then for no gain to set up 3rd and 7. Ryan can’t connect with Gage down the left side and Atlanta has to punt. Again.

The magic Taysoms come on the field and Foye Oluokun is called for pass interference. Hill then completes to Jared Cook down the left, but Cook is called for pass interference. The pass to Murray picks up 11 and Sanders picks up 6 on his reception and the end of the quarter.

Falcons 9, Saints 17

Fourth quarter

On 3rd and 3, Hill runs for the first. Kamara runs for 5 and Murray picks up 7 and the first on his run. Hill then runs it in on the next play for the touchdown.

Falcons 9, Saints 24

From their own 17, the Atlanta offense starts with a pass to Christian Blake for 3. Ryan hits Ridley but he can’t hold on. On 3rd down, Ryan is sacked by Cameron Jordan. Yet again. PUNT.

Kamara starts the drive with a run for 12. After a run for 2, Sanders picks up the first on the reception for 8 yards. Murray runs for 1 and Hill runs for a big gain but fumbles it and Foye Oluokun recovers.

Ito Smith runs for 5 and Ryan is nearly picked off. On 3rd and 5 Ryan hits Gage who picks up the first. Ryan can’t connect with Gage on 2 straight passes and on 3rd and 10 Matt Ryan is of course sacked yet again. The Atlanta offense stays on the field and on 4th and 13 Ryan connects with Julio Jones for 19 yards and the first! Gage can’t pull in the pass and Brian Hill runs for 6. On 3rd and 4 Ryan is intercepted by Janoris Jenkins.

Murray runs for 8 and Hill runs for 1. He runs it again and picks up the first. Murray runs for 6 more and again for 3. Hill sneaks it for the conversion. Kamara loses 4 on his run and we get to the 2 minute warning. The Saints keep running the ball to burn down the clock. The game mercifully comes to an end shortly after.

Final: Falcons 9, Saints 24