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Falcons - Saints final score predictions for Week 11

We’re homers, so sue us.

NFL: New Orleans Saints at Atlanta Falcons Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

What are our expectations for Falcons - Saints? If you guessed that we were going to predict’re correct. Give us your guesses after you read ours.

Falcons 21 - Saints 20

I feel like I’m going to regret being optimistic yet again, but this rivalry has the tendency to turn in games that are notoriously close no matter how good or bad either team may look. I think that happens again on Sunday. Drew Brees is out but Sean Payton has sold his soul to the dark side so I expect some offensive wrinkles to trip Atlanta up. The Saints pass rush will get to Matt Ryan more than we like, but I also feel like Julio is ready to rip up Lattimore. I’m expecting a close, hard fought game with the Raheem Morris Falcons going 4-1 in his brief tenure. I regret this prediction already. - David Walker

Falcons 34 - Saints 31

I expect this to be a ridiculous, high-flying game. I expect Matt Ryan to hit Calvin Ridley for two touchdowns on busted coverage and Taysom Hill to run three times for 43 yards and a touchdown. I expect Jameis Winston to throw lasers and lasers to defenders alike. I expect scores off turnovers and absolute nonsense calls by both teams, things that are par for the course for Falcons - Saints games that would be too ridiculous in any other setting. In the end, I think a Brees-less Saints team is also one the Falcons can beat, and I hope so for the sake of my Sunday. - Dave Choate

Falcons 100 - Saints 0

FTS! FTS! FTS! FTS! FTS! FTS! FTS! - Matt Chambers

Falcons 31 – Saints 30

It’s going to be close. What makes this the best rivalry in football is that you can throw the team records out the window, because it doesn’t matter. I do miss the old days where it seemed like players disliked each other more and smack talked but nonetheless, the fans of both teams keep the rivalry going. We hate them, and they hate us. I’m for whatever reason confident in the Falcons winning this game, however I think it’ll come down to the wire. Maybe a last second field goal by Younghoe Koo. – Evan Birchfield