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You can now vote for Foye Oluokun for the Pro Bowl, so go do it

The linebacker is having a Pro Bowl-caliber season, so this is a deserved.

NFL: Atlanta Falcons at San Francisco 49ers Sergio Estrada-USA TODAY Sports

Foye Oluokun has had a terrific season, one that’s drawn praise from his own coaches and teammates and respect from others around the league. None of that prevented the NFL from failing to add him to the Pro Bowl ballot.

That sparked a quick, spirited online campaign from the Falcons (and likely a couple of less spirited but probably effective phone calls and emails from the organization to the league) to get him added to the ballot. Oluokun is eight games into a season where he’s put up 64 tackles, a sack, 3 forced fumbles, an interception, 6 pressures, and a defensive touchdown, a well-rounded breakout year that should get him plenty of notice now that he’s on the ballot.

Oluokun is going to go down as one of the team’s great late round success stories in recent years, joining the likes of Russell Gage (despite a slow stretch, a very solid third receiver picked up in the sixth round) and the immortal Wes Schweitzer. The former Yale linebacker is better than anyone would’ve anticipated and better than basically anyone else Thomas Dimitroff and company picked up in the sixth round or later, and is likely the next Falcon headed for a lucrative contract extension.

Your personal mileage may vary, but I think it’s fair to argue that Oluokun, Grady Jarrett, Matt Ryan, Julio Jones, Jake Matthews and Chris Lindstrom are all worthy of your Pro Bowl votes, if you’re planning to fill out a ballot. If you’re a more discerning sort, at least give the two Falcons defenders who have done the most to make this defense look good at any point this season some props.

We’re glad the league corrected this particular oversight for Oluokun, and hopefully he gets that Pro Bowl berth.