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Watch Bears - Vikings on Monday Night Football because hey, what else are you gonna do?

It’s a battle of two teams headed in very different directions.

Chicago Bears v Minnesota Vikings Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

After being humiliated by the Falcons, the Vikings were like “man, that’s pretty awful” and decided to do something about it. They’ve now won their last two games.

After beating the Falcons, the Bears had made the fateful decision to bench Mitch Trubisky and couldn’t very well take it back, so they’ve rolled on with Nick Foles. I’m not suggesting that Trubisky would’ve saved this team—he wouldn’t have—but the offense hasn’t gotten any better and the Bears have now lost five of their last six games.

These are two teams headed in very different directions, in other words, with Chicago trying to hold on for dear life to a respectable record while Minnesota tries to claw its way back to .500. Anything can happen in a divisional battle, but I know which team looks a lot better on paper, especially offensively, and I know I expect the Vikings to win tonight.

Use this as your open thread for the game if you’re watching!