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Watch Colts - Titans on Thursday Night Football in Week 10

If you’re interested in the machinations of AFC South football, hell, here’s your chance.

Tennessee Titans v Indianapolis Colts Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images

This week’s Thursday Night Football features none of the intrigue associated with terrible football teams or familiar NFC foes. Instead, we’ll get what hopefully will be a good football team between two AFC South teams, which I hope you will find enjoyable.

Both are playoff-caliber teams, with the Titans in front and the Colts just behind. Tennessee is a well-balanced offense and quality defense and the Colts, when things are going well, are much the same. I think it’s fair to suggest that this should be one of the better Thursday night games, and even f I expect the Titans to win, I wouldn’t expect a well-coached team like the Colts to simply roll over.

The implications of this game don’t much matter unless you have Titans and Colts in fantasy or put down some money on one of these teams, but that means a pretty stress-free experience to kick off a week where the Falcons don’t actually play. Enjoy and use this as your open thread.