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Falcons fan confidence stays comfortably at zero

Nobody is more confident after the primetime loss, somehow.

NFL: New Orleans Saints at Atlanta Falcons Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

When fan confidence in the direction of the Atlanta Falcons hit 0% last week, I figured there was at least no way we could go any lower. There were no depths left to plumb, even if the team lost to the Packers, and I stood at the bottom of a damp well.

And with the loss to the Packers, we’re still parked at 0%. It was impossible to find something in that soggy loss that would make you feel better about the Falcons, and this is not the year that Atlanta fans are going to try to spin cotton candy out of fishing line. Thus, this week’s Falcoholic Reacts is...a flat line.

Falcons fan confidence

I could talk to you about hypothetical high points this graph could reach, but those points would depend on Atlanta effectively winning every game from now until the end of the year, something that feels somewhere very far south of improbable. Instead, we’ll probably get a handful of wins that convince 10-25% of the fanbase that things are heading in the right direction, followed by one or more losses that craters the whole thing. Man, I hope this is more positive next year.

For the moment, though, we’ll just see if the Falcons can get a win over the Panthers and bump this sucker up a little bit next week. I’m not really relishing writing the “hey we’re still at 0%” article every week from here until January.