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Dan Quinn miraculously not first head coach fired in 2020 season

Adam Gase and Dan Quinn have been the odds-favorites to be the first head coach fired in 2020.

Houston Texans v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

The firings came quick in 2020. Pressure was mounting on multiple winless teams and their head coaches, including Dan Quinn, Adam Gase, Matt Patricia, and Bill O’Brien. Quinn and Patricia both have the unenviable position of having blown at least two double-digit leads in only four games, with Gase seems unable to produce a lead in order to blow it.

Yet, all three still have their job. Quinn has been one of the favorites to be the first first, moving to the most likely after blowing yet another huge lead to the hapless Bears.

Did Monday Night Football lose bettors a lot of money? Maybe, after the Houston Texans got rid of head coach/general manager/general incompetent Bill O’Brien.

How do you fire O’Brien after he trades DeAndre Hopkins away for a ham sandwich? That move may not make a lot of sense, but it may provide some pressure for Arthur Blank to finally make a move. The Falcons are just as disappointing, if not more so, as the Texans. The Jets are almost certain to get rid of Gase in coming weeks. Why should Dan Quinn be any different?

Quinn, short of another meltdown, may be able to use the shortened week after MNF to secure one last week to turn it around against the maybe-OK Carolina Panthers in Week 5. The Green Bay Packers, the team’s MNF opponent, is dealing with some key injuries but are still favored to win.

The only question left is not really if Quinn can turn it around. The question left is how long with Arthur Blank give to Quinn before finally, officially, mercifully moving on.