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Falcons - Packers final score roundtable for Week 4

We’d like to be pleasantly surprised, but we’re not expecting a win.

NFL: Atlanta Falcons at Green Bay Packers Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

The kickoff has been pushed back and there’s now another Monday Night Football game that will overlap with it, but Falcons - Packers is going ahead tonight. It’s no exaggeration to say that Atlanta’s best chance of keeping hope alive for their season comes tonight, and that’s primarily because this is a very good opponent and the rest of the NFC South has been pretty mediocre to this point.

Do any of our staff expect the Falcons to win? You probably guessed the answer to that based on our Tallysight picks earlier this week, but read below to find out more.

Packers 35 - Falcons 27

Look, I want to believe. It doesn’t matter how far we get into a given season, I enjoy watching the Falcons win more than I enjoy watching the Falcons lose, and I’d love for them to be right in the final analysis and pull off an improbable run that ends in their first ever Super Bowl win. But I also exist in just one possible slice of reality, and in the one I’m in, the Falcons are a far worse football team right now than the Green Bay Packers. I don’t expect this one to be a bloodbath, per se, but I don’t know that Atlanta can hang. - Dave Choate

Packers 44 - Falcons 36

The only hope I have this week is for the Falcons to win an inconsequential game to both crash their draft position and to give Dan Quinn more time. Nothing else weighs in the Falcons’ favor. Atlanta is dealing with a lot of injuries, they have... struggled to maintain leads, and honestly nothing has been working out well for the Falcons this season. This is exactly when they show up for almost 60 minutes. But then that would suggest anyone could predict the Falcons. That is impossible so lets call this a hard loss after a slightly strong start. - Matt Chambers

Packers 42 - Falcons 26

What little optimism remained inside of me following the week 2 loss to the Cowboys dissolved following the week 3 loss to the Bears. Both devastating collapses that have officially branded the current Falcons regime choke artists and made them a national laughing stock. No lead is safe. The good thing for the Falcons is that they likely won’t have a lead to blow against the 3-0 Packers on Monday night. The Falcons are allowing 30+ points per game and the Packers have the top scoring offense in the NFL. Evan Birchfield

Packers 42 - Falcons 35

I’m not expecting much from the Falcons defense at all. Missing 3 starters in the secondary (Keanu Neal, Ricardo Allen and A.J. Terrell) is a poison pill when going up against Aaron Rodgers. Yet, the Green Bay defense is similarly banged up and Matt Ryan has historically played pretty well against the Packers, even if his defenses have been hit or miss. So, following those trends, I do think the Falcons put up a decent performance, but it ultimately won’t be enough. Atlanta will start 0-4 for the first time in this millennia. Wow. - David Walker