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Falcoholic Podcast: Your predictions for Falcons vs Packers

We play your voicemails and read your comments and tweets in our latest podcast.

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This has been a rough start to the 2020 season for the Falcons. The Seahawks loss was one thing, but the collapse against Dallas and Chicago were something else entirely. Staring an 0-4 start in the face for the first time since 1999, we wanted to know what your predictions were for the upcoming game.

And oh boy did you guys deliver.

First off - thanks again for all of the comments, tweets and voicemails. They are truly appreciated and we read all of them, even if we’re not able to include them all.

Secondly - it’s incredibly interesting to hear the wide range of reactions from Falcons fans right now. Many are calling on Dan Quinn to be fired while some are predicting a surprise win. And yes, there are still some fans that are optimistic about this team. And while it’s easy to get lost in the darkness of this terrible start to the season, guys like Matt Ryan, Julio Jones, Calvin Ridley and Russell Gage are all bright spots that may still give this team a chance, even if we don’t want to believe it.

So listen in as we absorb the wide range of responses.

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