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What Halloween costumes should Falcons players wear?

Happy Halloween!

The spookiest time of the year is upon us, it’s Halloween! Now we here at The Falcoholic love some tricks and treats, so as I did last year, I asked folks on Twitter for some suggestions of what Atlanta Falcons’ players should dress up as for Halloween, and you delivered.

Here were some of the best recommendations we received.

Julio Jones as “Super Saiyan Julio”

Submitted by: @Bcrad82

Brad on Twitter suggested that wide receiver Julio Jones should dress up as a “Super Saiyan” this year, and I can’t disagree. The man himself, Quintorris Lopez Jones, has been super for years. Even this year while battling injuries, Jones powers up and goes for 100+ yards. Through the first 8 weeks of the 2020 season, Jones has 38 receptions for 584 yards and two touchdowns all while missing two of the games with a hamstring injury. He’s also now tied with Pro Football Hall of Fame wide receiver Randy Moss for 2nd all-time games of 125+ receiving yards, they’re both at 35.

Freddie Falcon as “Onside Kick Ball”

Submitted by: @mister_gh2

The next suggestion courtesy of Two Point O is Freddie Falcon as the week 2 onside kick ball that nobody wanted. It’s both funny and sad, considering how close the Falcons came to an assured win but backed away from the ball. When you partner this game with the other late blown leads this year, the team could’ve been 5-3. Could’ve being the key word here, instead they’re 2-6 with a non-realistic chance of making the playoffs. Sigh.

Grady Jarrett as “The Incredible Hulk”

Submitted by: @MatthewAloisi

What’s more fitting than defensive tackle Grady Jarrett as “The Incredible Hulk?” He’s by far the best defensive lineman the team has and has had in quite some time. The son of the great Jessie “The Hammer” Tuggle has strength flowing through his veins and maybe some other serum that gives him super strength without turning green? I dunno. Jarrett is constantly graded as a top Falcons defender and was selected to his first Pro Bowl in 2019.

Matt Ryan as “Mr. Freeze”

Submitted by: @Pwilds121

Given that he’s commonly refered to as “Matty Ice”, Phil suggested quarterback Matt Ryan should go as “Mr. Freeze” this year. Even with a 2-6 record, Ryan is playing well, even with the constant criticism for matters that aren’t his fault. The former NFL MVP is currently on pace to throw for 24 touchdowns, 8 interceptions and 4,924 yards. Not the greatest year he’s had, but that’s not a performance to blame for missing the playoffs, and he’s certainly delivered enough throws under pressure this year to live up to the moniker.

Calvin Ridley as “The Riddler”

Submitted by: @ProfTinkerputt

Last but not least, Prof. Tinkerputt suggested wide receiver Calvin Ridley should go as “The Riddler.” I think more for the play on words, but Ridley is somewhat of an enigma for defenses, who think they have him under control only to watch him make the catch in the midst of several defenders. Ridley is unfortunately now dealing with an ankle injury, but it sounds minor and he should be troubling defenses soon enough.

Well that does it folks. We here at The Falcoholic wish for you and your families to have the happiest of Halloweens and stay safe out there.