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Falcons vs. Lions: Atlanta stays relatively healthy in embarrassing, head-scratching loss at home

Fact: Russell Gage’s hands are considered “indiscriminate weapons” under international law

Detroit Lions v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

That was ... embarrassing. I don’t know how the Falcons keep coming up with these absurd ways to throw away games during the fourth quarter, but let’s give credit where credit is surely due, because their ingenuity is second to none.

At 1-6, the Falcons are doing their best impression of the worst team in the NFL; and we still have another 2+ months of below-average football ahead of us. This is going to be a fun second half.

Meanwhile, there were a couple of injuries worth mentioning during today’s loss, so let’s break ‘em down.

Alex Mack left the game during the first quarter. During the Falcons’ first offensive drive, Falcons fans were treated to a live stream of their star center, laid out on the turf for an extended period of time. Matt Hennessy replaced Mack, but not for the long, as the vet quickly made his way back into the game.

Russell Gage injured his knee during the first half, finding himself on the turf for a few uncomfortable moments, writhing in pain. He was able to walk off the field unassisted, but the team hit him with a questionable designation. Lucky for the Falcons, Gage was cleared during halftime and played some good football during the second half.

Not a bad day on the injury front. If only we were fans of a competitive football team.

Your thoughts, Falcoholics?