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Falcons - Lions final score predictions for Week 7

Atlanta should win this one on paper, especially after their win against Minnesota, but do we trust them?

Atlanta Falcons v Detroit Lions Photo by Rey Del Rio/Getty Images

Can the Falcons follow up an impressive win over the Minnesota Vikings with a win over the Lions? Believe it or not, this week the staff is pretty bullish on that outcome.

Falcons 28 - Lions 24

It is still TBD how good these Falcons are or will be under Raheem Morris, but what is not TBD is how bad the Lions are under Matt Patricia. The Falcons shouldn’t need to be firing on all cylinders to stack up points against Detroit’s defense. The Falcons just need to play decent and that’s all it should take. - Matt Chambers

Falcons 31 - Lions 28

Is that hope you see? Well, sort of. The Lions have a pretty porous defense but they can put up points on the opposite side of the ball. In many ways, they are a lot like the Falcons. Yet, Atlanta has a bit of a fire under them and are finally getting healthy again. Being at home will help but I do expect the defense to regress back to the mean. Atlanta gives us a little more hope in a shootout. - David Walker

Falcons 36 – Lions 30

Well they did it. The Falcons have made me believe again. I don’t believe they will make the playoffs or anything, but they can win this game and improve to 2-5. I do think this game against the Lions has the potential to be high scoring, as neither team has a good defense and both teams have good offenses. If the Falcons come out like they did last week against the Vikings and force turnovers, they’ll win. It’s that simple. – Evan Birchfield

Falcons 30 - Lions 27

It looks like DW and I are thinking along the same lines. The Lions have largely excelled at keeping things close this year and I don’t necessarily think the Falcons are suddenly going to start stomping mediocre teams to pieces. I do believe, however, that some of the improvement we saw last week was sustainable, and a mostly healthy Falcons team should be able to get the job done at home against Detroit. - Dave Choate

Lions 31 - Falcons 30

I’m building a reputation probably of not having much trust or faith in the Falcons at the current moment. With the way the season has progressed, can you blame me? Last week’s win over Minnesota was a nice showing. The offense scored in every quarter and looked efficient, the defense generated turnovers and completely bottled the Vikings run game, and the team as whole played with confidence and a little attitude.

Hoooowwwwever, Matthew Stafford poses a different threat than Kirk Cousins. The Lions offense has weapons at the skill position spots than can be legitimate threats to a defense that still can’t generate a consistent pass rush. I believe that Matt Ryan and the offense will look like their normal selves. But I also believe no constant pressure on Stafford will allow the Lions to match the Falcons on the scoreboard and get the eventual win. - Eric Robinson