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What is your favorite Falcons - Lions memory ever?

The team wraps up their tour of the NFC North this week, and we want you to reach deep into those memory banks for this one.

NFL: SEP 24 Falcons at Lions Photo by Scott W. Grau/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

When it comes to favorite memories in the Falcons-Lions all-time series, there aren’t a lot of great moments to choose from. The Lions have dominated the series, winning 24 out of the 37 matchups, and literally won all 9 of the first 9 games between these two teams, a stretch that spanned from 1966-1976.

The Falcons have fared better of late, however, and there are certainly a few good memories to draw on. Let’s have your favorite ones in the comments, but first, let me share mine.

Back in 2002, the Falcons headed into Week 16 an 8-5-1 record, having lost their previous two games. To make the playoffs in the newly formed NFC South, Atlanta was going to need 9 wins, and a lousy Lions team figured to be their ticket to that win. I just didn’t expect it to be such a fun. lopsided game, and yet that’s exactly what it was.

Michael Vick threw for almost 350 yards and added 42 more on the ground, Warrick Dunn ran for 132 yards, and the Falcons sacked Mike McMahon three sacks and picked him three more times. It was a 36-15 bloodbath in which the Lions only scored in the fourth quarter, and it was the most enjoyable game in series history for me. That win would end up ensuring the Falcons got into the playoffs, where they famously dispatched the Packers at Lambeau Field before losing to the Divisional Round to the Eagles.

How about you?