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Falcons to wear gradient uniforms vs. Lions

Coming off of their first win of the season, the team will display a new look on Sunday.

The Atlanta Falcons finally won their first game of the 2020 season on Sunday. If you think that’s exciting, do I have news for you! The team revealed several different uniform combinations this offseason, and argaubly the one that stuck out the most was their gradient uniform. Per the Falcons jersey schedule, the team will be wearing them this Sunday against the Detroit Lions.

The look itself has been widely controversial among fans. It seems like everyone either hates them or loves them, but either way they’re unlike anything we’ve seen from the rest of the 31 NFL teams. The transition from red to black looks good with a black background, but how will they translate on the field?

I personally wasn’t originally a fan of the new uniforms, but after seeing them in a real game, on the field, they’re acceptable. I’m more of a traditionalist when it comes to uniforms, so I would’ve preferred something more simple. But the helmet shells are an upgrade and I love seeing black numbers on the away uniforms. So I advise everyone to hold judgement until we officially see the gradient uniforms on the field this Sunday.

Looking ahead, the Falcons will also be wearing their throwback uniforms in week 13 against the New Orleans Saints, as they have seemed to do the past few years. Outside of those two games, the tops are white or black. We’ve yet to see any of the several combinations they displayed at the uniform release, maybe that will change soon.