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Monday Night Football doubleheader: Watch Chiefs- Bills and Cardinals-Cowboys

A lot more football ahead on Monday night.

Buffalo Bills v Kansas City Chiefs Photo by Peter G. Aiken/Getty Images

This year’s schedule has been so weird and so impacted by COVID-19 that we’ve gotten some weird doubleheaders and even Tuesday night games. Tonight, we get two different Monday night battles.

The first pits the Chiefs against the Bills in one of the better matchups of the year thus far on paper. The Bills looked shaky recently and the Chiefs have been excellent but not quite a juggernaut, so this game will end up being somewhere between stellar and sloppy. Either way, it will be worth watching, no matter who you happen to be rooting for.

The late game is less worth watching, but has more NFC implications. The Cardinals are solid but frustrating and the Cowboys are simply bad—Falcons win notwithstanding—but both are capable of terrific days on offense. Again, worth watching.

Enjoy these games, soak in the Falcons win a day later, and we’ll keep going from here.