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Julio Jones moves to #2 on Falcons touchdown reception list

#11 passes Terance Mathis, and now only has Roddy White in front of him.

Atlanta Falcons v Green Bay Packers Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

Julio Jones is back after dealing with an injury in recent weeks, and he wasted little time making a mark on the game against the Vikings. After a Deion Jones interception set things up, Julio got open and caught a touchdown pass from Matt Ryan to give the team an early lead.

That grab set a little franchise history, as Julio broke a tie with the great Terance Mathis for 2nd all-time in touchdown receptions for the Falcons. Jones now has 58, putting him only behind Roddy White, who has 63 touchdown grabs in his career. It seems inevitable that Julio will surpass him in the relatively near future.

That’s the only significant milestone left for Julio in this franchise’s history, as he already owns the yardage, yards per game and receptions marks all-time, having blown by Roddy White recently in all but the second mark, which he’s owned forever. Julio’s simply the greatest receiver in team history, and soon he’ll have his stamp on every single franchise mark imaginable.