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Falcons - Vikings final score predictions for Week 6

We’re not an optimistic bunch, even after the coaching changes this week.

NFL: SEP 08 Falcons at Vikings

The Falcons have gone through a week that felt like a month. They moved on from Dan Quinn and Thomas Dimitroff on Sunday night and have since shuffled the stafff further, firing special teams coordinator Ben Kotwica and replacing him with Bernie Parmalee. All these changes were made an eye on the future, but the Falcons are also clearly hoping it jolts the team this year, potentially as soon as this week against the Vikings.

As you’ll see below, we have some doubts about that.

Falcons 20 - Vikings 31

The Falcons made coaching changes but they ultimately kept Dirk Koetter, which will lead to the another frustrating offensive performance like what we’ve seen in recent weeks. With Julio Jones still hobbled and the team reeling from the departure of Dan Quinn, the added missed practice on Thursday (due to the additional COVID positive test) is only going to set this club behind even more as they go on the road. The Vikings may be 1-3, but they are the much better team right now and they still have something to play for. Unlike Atlanta - David Walker

Falcons 23 - Vikings 27

There is a whole lot going on with the Falcons this week. Dan Quinn and Thomas Dimitroff were fired, of course. The team had to shutdown their facility due to the coronavirus. Julio Jones is still hurt. Dirk Koetter is still calling plays. I’m not sure how this team can battle back. My only hope is knowing they will definitely be winning a few pointless games at some point. - Matt Chambers

Falcons 27 - Vikings 31

I love what I’m hearing from Raheem Morris this week, in terms of how he’s pushing players and his general attitude toward the game ahead. I don’t know that it’s going to make enough of a difference to push past a Vikings team that looks like it’s starting to figure things out, not with the way the Falcons have played through the first five weeks of the season. I’ll hope for more life but I’m far from convinced we’ll get it. - Dave Choate