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Falcons fan confidence hits zero ahead of Packers Monday Night Football tilt

This happened last year, but it took longer.

David John Griffin/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Heading into Week 1 of the 2020 NFL season, 69% of Falcons fans took our Falcoholic Reacts poll and said they felt confident about the direction of the team. They did so because despite the team keeping the brain trust behind 2018 and 2019 in charge, the team promised changes, put together a tidy little free agency period, and in my humble opinion killed the draft. All that was left to do was see whether that faith was rewarded.

It has not been through three weeks, as the Falcons are a scoring machine but are also 0-3 and about to face a tough Packers team in primetime at Lambeau Field. It was telling that fan confidence dropped from 69% into the teens after the Week 1 loss, because it tells you that fans were wary of being burned again. Nothing that’s happened since has made that better, and thus fan confidence in our poll hit the dread 0% mark this week.

Those with long memories will remember that fan confidence hit 0% in 2019, when the Falcons were 1-6 and about to play the Seahawks. They lost that game minus Matt Ryan but at least made it competitive, Arthur Blank declined to make a move at the bye, and the Falcons then rattled off a 6-2 second half that kept the band together, and fan confidence hasn’t touched 0% then. This year, it took three weeks, because the fanbase’s faith was obviously tenusous to begin with.

A win over the Packes would probably hike this sucker back up into the 20%-30% range, but the Falcons will still be 1-3 and fans are clearly burnt out on the current regime and this team assembling and blowing leads, so I wouldn’t expect it to rise higher than that based on one week. If they lose to the Packers...well, at least there’s still nowhere to go but up.