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Watch Broncos - Jets because the light inside you has not yet been fully extinguished

This might be the worst game of the entire year.

Denver Broncos v New York Jets Photo by Al Pereira/Getty Images

On Monday night, we were treated to a marquee matchup with the Chiefs playing the Ravens, even if Kansas City was just too much for Baltimore to handle. Tonight, we get a matchup that might be the worst of the year, at least on paper.

In one corner, the Jets. There are rumblings that Adam Gase could be fired if the Jets lose to the Broncos this week, something that seems probable. Gase has now had two disastrous stints as a head coach, rife with throwing players under the bus and very little success, and this might be his last chance to salvage things. Unfortunately for him and Jets fans, this team is one of the league’s worst, a mess in every phase that can’t seem to piece together even halfway decent quarters.

In the other corner is a struggling Broncos team that is getting worse, because they’ll be starting quarterback Brett Rypien against the Jets. Injuries have sapped the limited strengths they did have, and while they’re certainly better than the Jets, I’m not sure I’d expect them to be even halfway decent in Week 4.

Given the short week, the matchup, and the injury picture, it’s very possible this game will be putrid. With everything going on in the world, at least it’s still football and maybe it’ll make us feel slightly better about where the Falcons are at, so go nuts commenting here if you’re watching.