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Falcons fan confidence dips heading into Divisional Round weekend

No, the Falcons are not in the playoffs. Yes. they may have played a pivotal role in knocking the Saints off. No, fans aren’t going to feel confident again for a while.

NFL: DEC 22 Jaguars at Falcons Photo by David John Griffin/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

If you’ve looked around since the season ended, you’ve probably seen a group of Falcons fans coming to terms with the idea that Atlanta is running it back in 2020. There are optimistic fans, pessimistic fans, and many who are just hoping for the best, but on balance a couple of weeks of cooling our collective heels has not provided an uptick in hope.

That’s true despite some things that have genuinely gone Atlanta’s way in the last week or so. The first was the Saints loss, with the Vikings reportedly having studied the way the Falcons put the brakes on the New Orleans offense earlier in the year for inspiration, which has to at least count as a point in the team’s favor. The second was the somewhat surprising first round exist of the Patriots, which moved up Atlanta’s second round selection from New England a number of spots above where we expected it to be.

That’s small stuff, though, when you’ve had a couple of seasons like Atlanta has.

As we’ve said before, nothing short of bushels of wins are going to truly win us all over again, but in the meantime this team has to navigate free agency and the draft, put together a terrific roster, and show the coaching staff has learned from all the things that went wrong in 2019. That’s a tall order, and none of it is going to happen in January. If anything, watching the great teams in the playoffs may add a dash of sourness to the fan experience, hence the slightly lower numbers.

But hey, again, at least the Saints lost.