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Falcons trivia: In terms of point differential, what was the worst season in team history?

The Falcons have had some awful seasons, but this one is up there with the worst.

Marion Campbell

The Falcons have had some truly bad, truly ugly seasons in their history, ones where they’ve been outscored by their opponents by 100 or more points. Chances are most of you have lived through at least one of those.

Did you know, though, that Atlanta has been outscored by over 200 points four times in franchise history? That hasn’t happened in decades, but those woeful marks are very real and at least one of them has actually happened in my lifetime.

Today’s trivia question is simply this: What was the season where the Falcons were most badly outclassed on the field, as per point differential? This horrifyingly ugly year was not the year the team scored the fewest points in franchise history or allowed the most points in Falcons history—we’ll get to those in a future trivia question—but it was a blend of awful offense and awful defense nonetheless.

Bonus points, as always, if you are the kind of encyclopedia brain that knows the point differential.