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Falcons trivia: Who are the franchise leaders in leading the team in receiving?

Out of all the great receivers in team history, only three have this mark.

Atlanta Falcons Photo by Focus on Sport/Getty Images

The offseason is long and, until we get to free agency, pretty dull. As was the case last year, we’re going to try to liven things up with a little Falcons trivia.

We’ll kick it off today with one from the history books, specifically concerning receiving. This team has had some true legends at the position in franchise history, so it won’t surprise you that they have some impressive marks along the way.

For today, let’s focus on this: Three Falcons have led the team in receiving for at least five seasons in their career. Two of them have done so six times and the third five times, and one of those players is still active today. All three are, as you’d expect, among the top five ever for this team in receiving yardage.

Who are these three men? Bonus points if you can name the years in which they led the team, too.