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D. Orlando Ledbetter talks Falcons’ outlook and Austin Hooper’s future on Radio Row

The man, the myth, the legend sat down with Jeanna Thomas on Radio Row.

Atlanta Falcons v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images

Our SB Nation contingent has had a whirlwind week in Miami as the whole city prepares for Super Bowl LIV. That included sitting down with my friend D. Orlando Ledbetter on Radio Row to get his thoughts on the Falcons’ future in 2020 and beyond.

Right off the bat, we talked about the defense. Led noted that they’re in kind of a bind with the cap and contract status of various players, but he feels good about Raheem Morris in the defensive coordinator role,

“I think Coach Morris has the ear of the team and they’re going to do exactly what he tells them to do, no ifs, ands or buts about it,” Led said. “The cornerback play has to get better; the pass rush has to get better. I like the linebackers. I don’t know if you could bring all of them back, though. If Devondre Campbell could make it back some kind of way, that would certainly help the unit. Takk’s got to get healthy and they’ve got to find a defensive end in the draft because I think Vic Beasley’s going to be walking.”

Led said that he expects the Falcons to try to get something done with Austin Hooper, but whether that’s possible is a whole other story.

“I’ve seen this a couple of places or heard it where he goes and they get Hunter Henry, the Chargers tight end for a little bit less,” Led said. “He’s a better tight end than Hooper. Hooper probably doesn’t think so, but (Henry) stays hurt. He’s had some injury problems in San Diego. They might be ready to move on, but I don’t see how the Falcons could put $10 million on Hooper when they have the problems that they have up front on the line and on the defense.”

Led and I also discussed the continuing need to shore up both lines, and much more about the 2020 Falcons. You can check out the full conversation below.

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