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Falcoholinks: All the Falcons news you need for Thursday, Jan. 30

Pre-Super Bowl links.

Jacksonville Jaguars v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

Kyle Shanahan and his army of former Falcons play in Super Bowl LIV on Sunday. Our intrepid staff will be watching and cursing the skies, presumably. We’re unfortunately in full offseason mode, so have a look at Falcoholinks for Thursday morning.

Catching up with Levine Toilolo and Ben Garland

Tight end Levine Toilolo and offensive lineman Ben Garland, both former Falcons, are in the middle of the pre-Super Bowl pageantry in Miami. It will be the second Super Bowl appearance for each player, so how are they thinking as Sunday draws near? Our Jeanna Thomas is entrenched on radio row and caught up with each of them ahead of the game.

Rest in peace, Chris Doleman

An NFL Hall-of-Famer who will live eternally in Canton has passed away. Chris Doleman, the Falcons defensive end who played for the Atlanta Falcons from ‘94-’95, ended his battle with brain cancer on Tuesday at the age of 58. It’s been an extremely sad week for the sports world.

Roster review: Corners

The Falcons cornerbacks are a young squad buoyed by the veteran presence of Desmond Trufant. If the defense is going to be successful next season, the young players in the secondary are going to have to make an impact.

So what is the outlook for 2020? The Magic 8 Ball says “uncertain.”

Warp speed to 2021

There are numerous areas the Falcons will consider via free agency when addressing the team’s needs for the season ahead, but if we enter a wormhole and find ourselves in 2021, what are some positions that the Falcons need to look at in their free agency additions?

The Falcoholic Live Ep. 98

You didn’t miss episode 98 of The Falcoholic Live, right? Of course not — you’re a loyal patron of this here website. But if you know somebody who did, let them know that we had some sweet Senior Bowl talk, as well as discussing Sunday’s Super Bowl between the Chiefs and the 49ers. They can view the full episode right here.