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Falcons trivia: What coach has the worst winning percentage in team history?

Even in this team’s history, one coach stands above the others.

June Jones

As you’d expect, this team’s history is larded with failure when it comes to coaches. Only five of the team’s 16 head coaches, both full-time and interim, have managed a winning record.

One stands out above all the others for his win percentage, however, even if the man just ahead of him in the standings is actually less inspiring due to circumstance. The coach in question didn’t have that many games in Atlanta, but even in that short stint he distinguished himself as the worst coach in team history by win percentage. The coach who is ahead of him is inarguably a worse coach in terms of results, given that he coached much longer for the Falcons, and is probably the actual worst coach in the team’s history.

Who is this man, and who is the guy just ahead of him?