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Julio Jones and Grady Jarrett selected to 2019 AP NFL All-Pro Second-Team

More accolades for the two stars

Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

The Associated Press 2019 NFL All-Pro team has been selected by a national panel of 50 media members, and wide receiver Julio Jones and defensive tackle Grady Jarrett have made the second team.

The All-Pro designation is not officially sanctioned by the NFL but is generally considered a more prestigious honor than the NFL’s Pro Bowl recognition. Jones and Jarrett were the only Falcons players selected for the Pro Bowl, and now they’re the only players selected for the 2019 AP NFL All-Pro team.

Julio Jones has now been selected to the AP NFL’s All Pro second team from 2017-2019 and was selected to the first team from 2015-2016. So far this season, Jones has 99 catches for 1,394 yards and 6 touchdowns. He’s also top-5 in both total receiving yards and yards per game, which is especially impressive considering he missed a game due to injury. It’s not his best year in recent memory and may not end up being his best year after 16 games, but it’s very much in line with his consistently great career, and with the exception of receptions and touchdowns (by a single score), they’re superior to first team selection DeAndre Hopkins’ numbers. Oh well.

Grady Jarrett continues to prove that he’s one of the best interior defensive linemen in the NFL, and this selection definitely puts the league on notice. Along with his first Pro Bowl selection, this is Jarrett’s first AP NFL All-Pro selection, with hopefully many more to follow. In 2019, Jarrett had 69 tackles, 16 quarterback hits and 7.5 sacks.

In all, only four wide receivers and four interior defensive linemen are selected for the AP NFL All-Pro teams, with two on the first and two on the second teams. The selections are prestigious and as you can see, both players are very deserving of the honor. Hopefully these honors will be relevant for their future Hall of Fame bids.