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Falcoholinks: All the Falcons news you need for Wednesday, Jan. 29

Fact: Grady Jarrett coats his face with glacial mud before going to bed every night

Atlanta Falcons v New Orleans Saints Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images

Happy Wednesday, Falcoholics! It’s that time of the week again: Right now, you’re sitting in front of your work computer, a lukewarm cup of mediocre coffee by your side. You haven’t noticed the small coffee stain on the front of your short-sleeved, white dress shirt, nor have you noticed the loose string hanging from your tie, a paisley number you bought off the discount rack at Kohl’s in 2006. This week has come to play, and you’re getting your butt kicked. So stay strong. Stay. Strong.

Our links are recommended by 1 out of 9 dentists we convinced “The Falcoholic” was the name of a new, vegan toothpaste.

Hoop + $

Look, Austin Hooper is undoubtedly a talent football player. He’s an elite tight end. But given their financial limitations, how much money can the Falcons feasibly throw at the position? That’s a fair question. Assuming the Falcons are convinced he’s worth it, then they’d better hurry up and act like they’re interested in Hooper’s continued Atlanta-based employment.

Senior Bowl

The Falcons infamously zero in on players they eventually draft before and during the Senior Bowl, which is why you should care about the Senior Bowl. Kevin Knight catches you up to speed after an eventful Senior Bowl week.

Mock send Kinlaw to the Falcons

As you probably already know, the Falcons don’t have a pass rush. It’s something most of us would like to see change at some point before cars can fly, because let’s be honest, the frustration is real. So if you’re hoping the Falcons draft the best edge available at 16, then you’re going to love this mock draft.


It’s the offseason, which means we stay busy ice fishing and eating leftover stale Christmas cookies. So why not do some trivia to pass the time? The Falcoholic himself has a doozie for you: Which Falcons draft pick racked up the most sacks over the course of an entire career?